Winter Warning Wine!



The weather station is warning that this is going to be another storm of the century. Everyone is heading is running around with their hair on fire – Bread! Milk! Eggs!” They yell. They stack the wood by the door, they fill the cars, they fill the generator, they ride their adrenaline until the first flake falls. Then reality hits…

Apparently, we have all ingredients for French Toast but, reallywe forgot the wine?

It’s 2016, the reality is the plows are gonna be going all night, the house is insulated, and the electricity is golden. It’s Central New York, it snows here, many times throughout the winter. We will survive. This weekend it is -15, next weekend it could be 54 degrees.

The absolute best thing we can do is enjoy it. Listen to the world quiet down under the falling snow, get a bottle of Bet The Farm Cab Franc (or whatever your favorite BTF flavor is), pull out the down comforters, nestle on the couch and pop “The Revenant” in the DVD player. Studies show the best way to enjoy the weather, is to watch someone else fight with it while you sip your favorite wine.

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If the weather is terrible, call ahead and order it at 315-364-7XXX. We’ll meet you at the curb so you don’t even have to get out of your car.

Keep Warm & Drink Safe.