It is here… 2017 Housing Market has started!

It is here.

You’ve been watching and waiting and it is all starting to hit the market. New inventory is coming out daily.

You’ve been the to bank – make sure you have your your questions answered, the information understood, finished and ready to go!

No one can pick a house for you. You will find you either like it or you don’t. Price, location, future potential, amount of work, and style will all play a part.

Try to drive by the houses that interest you. About 60% of a house can be learned by simply driving by. Gives you a feeling. Houses are all about feelings.

Don’t judge a houses simply by the pictures online. Agents are not allowed to manipulate the photos to falsify the property but honestly, the pictures are there to grab your attention and make you want to see the house. Listing agents don’t put bad pictures up.

If your agent wants to show you a house, go see it. They are the professionals they might know something about a house that you will appreciate.

There is no such thing a perfect house. Even houses you don’t end up liking – there may be some design feature that you’d like to carry forward into the house you eventually decide to pursue. Colors on the wall – it is easy to paint. It is the cheapest fix to a house there is.

Keep an open mind. Look at the possibilities. Weigh the price. See if you can grow or makes changes to the house that will make it yours. Fall in love. Make an offer.

Your agent is there to help guide you.

Happy House Hunting.