Image from NASA, all images are can be shared without  worrying about stealing.  Please feel free to use & share.
Image from NASA. All NASA images are shared under Creative Commons,and thus no theft involved. Please feel free to use & share.

Welcome to Cayuga Lake Life.

As you can hopefully, gather from the snow-covered image above, Cayuga Lake is located in Central New York, USA.  Arguably, one of the most beautiful pieces of Planet Earth. It celebrates all four seasons, yes, that’s snow pictured above we get Winters. Along its shores, Cayuga Lake is surrounded by small villages, farms, vineyards, state parks, corn fields, colleges and lots of cows… (and apparently all very hard to see from space when it snows.)

It is located in Central New York. According to Google Maps, it is 223 miles from New York, NY to Ithaca, NY (located on the most southern end of Cayuga Lake) the drive time is touted as being 3 hours & 55 minutes with traffic, 3 hours & 43 minutes without. The Canadian border at Niagara Falls is 134 miles (or 2:04 hrs. following speed limit) from Cayuga, NY (located at the most northern end of the lake). You can fly here, the largest commercial airports being in Syracuse (SYR) or Ithaca (ITH). If traveling by boat, you can come east from the Atlantic Ocean, through the Saint Lawrence River into the Lake Ontario or west from other Great Lakes and use the locks on the Erie Canal to access Cayuga Lake.

This blog/website would like to help the world understand the area, call attention to wonderful things happening and share what it’s like to call this place home.

We invite you to share what you know about the area like history, stories, events and pictures. Just contact us!

We know that you’re busy, thanks for spending some time on this. We appreciate your attention! Thanks in advance.

Cayuga Lake Life Staff.


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