Have some more fun in the SUMMER 2019! Join Us!

We are having the #RemaxSummerPhotoChallenge – we invite you to see & do things then share the photos with us for fun & prizes!


We put together a list of places to see & things to do and are asking you to go do them- then take photos that you can post on your social media or ours with the hashtag #RemaxSummerPhotoChallenge and once the summer is over we’ll pick the best of the photos and give prizes!

This contest STARTS NOW & GOES UNTIL September 23rd at NOON!


Keep this list with you! I have mine on my fridge! 

So the deal is – Take a Photo, add the hashtag #remaxsummerphotochallenge, post on Social Media (or send to us – RealtorMichelleMiller@gmail.com or text 607-279-3071) and the one with the most photos wins!


√ POST a picture with any band at the King Ferry Treleaven Winery (schedule at Click here for their website & schedule!)

√  POST a picture of you skipping stones in the lake (lake is your choice)

√  POST a picture of you at the Wheat Harvest Parade, parade will be on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 11:00 am, the parade runs west on Route 90, then turns south on Rt 34B; if you are at the four corners you are in a great space. Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 12.14.47 PM

√  POST a picture with the Ferris Wheel at the Moravia Fair – the fair runs from July 17th to July 20th 2019.

√  POST a picture at the Aurora’s Saturday Farmer’s Market, has already started every Saturday from now until September 28th from 10 am – 2 pm. It is located on Scenic Route 90/Main Street along the lakeshore by the Wells College Boathouse. Here’s a link: https://auroranyfarmersmarket.com/

√  POST a picture of you with your Summer Reading Book. All the schools have summer reading programs, but if you aren’t in school whatever book you have lined up for this summer! ( Please share titles of books, we are always looking for good reads!)

√  POST a picture of you at Myer’s Park Music in the Park Night – these take place on Thursday Evenings at 6:30 in Myer’s Park in Lansing along Cayuga Lake Shore.  https://www.lansingrec.com/parks/myers-park/36-music-in-the-park

√  POST a picture of a RE/MAX In Motion Real Estate Sign – any house, any agent.

√  POST a picture of you and a sunset picture on the lake. Any Lake, Any Sunset.

√  POST a picture of you getting ice cream from any local ice cream stand, include the sign if you can so we can share.

The winner is the person who posts the most photos.

In case of tie, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner.


 * R U L E S * R U L E S * R U L E S * R U L E S * R U L E S * R U L E S *

  1. Have Fun.
  3. If we have more than one person/team complete at the photos & posts them all we will put all the names in a hat and randomly select the winner!
  4. Photos must be actually taken, no photoshopped photos will be allowed.
  5. We will be using your photos to share on our social media sites & will give you credit. PLEASE KNOW THAT BY POSTING YOUR PHOTO YOU ARE ALLOWING US TO SHARE THE PHOTO!
  6. Post photos on social media with #RemaxSummerPhotoChallenge we can find them this way. If you do not wish to post, you can also send them to us by email at RealtorMichelleMiller@gmail.com or text them to 607-279-3071. Please understand that we will be posting the photos on our social media – include your name so that we can give you credit.
  7. The winner will get featured on our social media & ad for the fall issue of Southern Cayuga Tribune.
  8. Anyone can play.
  9. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Michelle Miller at 607-279-3071 or email RealtorMichelleMiller@gmail.com
  10. This is a game, any trouble caused by you to get the photos will be all on you! Play at your own risk, stay safe & use your brain!
  11. Again, this is a game, have fun!



 This game is sponsored by Michelle Miller, Associate Broker with RE/MAX In Motion and it is intended to motivate people to get out this summer and see and do some new things! It is only a game for fun!

Any questions or concerns, please contact, her at 607-279-3071 or RealtorMichelleMiller@gmail.com.